reckless abandon

Book #24

The Variations by John Donatich

This book was really interesting in that it was about how Catholicism and Classical Music are institutions that are dying and why are people saving and clinging to them in the first place?! hmm… for any of you that know me you would know that I am both a practicing Catholic and also a classically trained musician.  So why would I like this book? Well, because I found the characters grappling with issues of the world to be interesting and altogether wholly Catholic.  The beauty of Catholicism, besides its multitudes of tradition, is the fact that it understands the trials and hurts of the world.  There is a C.S. Lewis quote that states that he is always unsatisfied with the world, so he must be destined to live in another. This is a wonderful Catholic teaching that perhaps seems like a cop-out to those who are not religiously inclined however it is endlessly comforting to someone who was literally one of a handful of my friends who actually believed in ANYTHING in college.  This was a wonderful short read that did challenge Catholicism but with a beautiful respect for the religion and those who do practice. 4 stars. 

  • 2 July 2012